All plans are driven by purpose & prioritise overall wellbeing over fads & gimmicks.


Roxy Horner - Model

"I had a truly wonderful experience with Ellis, an


incredible Masseuse, he worked on every muscle that


needed working on without me having to say where, all


the tension disappeared. I left feeling relaxed and happy,


perhaps the best massage I have ever had"

Lauren Ridloff - Actor 

"Ellis is unbelievably attentive and intuitive. He knows when to push to the max and when to back off. Ellis gave me lifelong tools to be able to train anywhere, anytime.  When I’m working out I ask myself, “What would Ellis say?” And his massage techniques are legendary!"

Kumail Nanjiani - Actor 

“Ellis is a phenomenal trainer who keeps his workouts fun,


varied and interesting. And then one day you look in the


mirror and you’re in the best shape of your life.”